Just Jay

Originally from the east coast, Jay is a high energy guitarist always ready to write and record. Jay started playing guitar back in '94 and has not stopped since. From the humble beginnings of Beyond Passage in the 90's, not a coffee shop or venue was safe from his high intensity guitar and antics. Hailing from a very diverse love of music that knows no bounds (rock, blues, jazz) Jay just loves to be on stage.

From the gritty energetic rock n' roll of Mad Jack tearing up WAAF  Boston parties to Los Angeles with Rock of Ages and Pond Circle at the Whiskey, Jay has been coast to coast...and back.

Now as guitarist for Picture Show, Central Florida is not safe!


Jay decided to really focus on songs that aren't one particular genre. "I wanted to show that I could rock the acoustic just as hard as my Les Paul. I missed playing unplugged sets and wanted to be in a band that had the talent to play the Whiskey one night and then an acoustic set at coffee shop the next day," says Jay.


The goal is simply to write great music without a narrow focus on stereo-types or genres and have a fun time gigging.